… helped us achieve what we wanted in selling price of our home, AND still get the house of our dreams!..

We had been casually house hunting for about a year. We had talked to a few Realtors. All of them told us that in this market you have to sell your house – move out – and then be ready to pounce with as close to an all cash offer as possible. And often offering 30%  over asking. We didn’t want to do that. We didn’t want to move twice. We didn’t want that kind of upheaval to our young family.  We wanted to find a house, make an offer, get it accepted, and then commit to selling our house.  We really believed that it would be no problem to sell our house quickly – but we couldn’t find a Realtor who would agree to help us “do it our way”. Elizabeth Tucker did. Elizabeth told us we could do contingent and get what we wanted. Not only that-Elizabeth told stories of how she had just done it twice before us. Successfully. So I went with my gut. I had a woman who was passionate, energetic, and willing to help us try to get exactly what we wanted. What was the worst thing that could happen? We wouldn’t get what we want. But at least we would still have our house, and our kids would have stability through the process.

Elizabeth took the time to get to know what we were looking for. After many house tours together, and two rejected offers, one night Elizabeth called me at work and said, “I have a good feeling about this one. Any chance you two can come see it tonight?” I went, and sure enough, it was the house of our dreams.

Elizabeth really focused on making the whole process as easy as possible for us. With two little boys and both Steve and I working crazy paced tech jobs, we really didn’t know how we would get everything done. From staging our house, to signing paperwork, agent meetings, and moving support you were always there. Elizabeth brought in a team of professionals to help get our house cleaned and staged and on the market in just one day.  Elizabeth always met with us on our schedules which usually meant late evenings after work and after the boys were in bed. She did much of the communications via email and text which we really appreciated since we are both engineers and tied to our phones, it was so easy to just drop her a text or email in the middle of the rest of our work and still be in touch without having to take time out for a phone call.

Elizabeth guided us with pricing on both sides of the deal. In the purchase price, she helped us put in a reasonable offer, but one that was still under asking and within what we could afford. She worked with the sellers agent to understand exactly what it would take to get the deal done and make both clients happy. She then helped us achieve what we wanted in selling price of our home, AND still get the house of our dreams!

We LOVE our home. We were working in the yard yesterday, the boys riding bikes and just running around and we both remarked how happy we are that we made this move. Thank you Elizabeth Tucker for making all of this possible for us!!!!