… She seems to thrive in these complicated situations…

Dear Jeff Barnett, Alain Pinel, VP/Regional Manager/Manager, Los Gatos Office:

I just wanted to send you a note about the agent in your office, Elizabeth Tucker with whom I cooperated to sell a home recently in San Jose. We had an extremely tight timeline to put into contract and then a very long timeline to close it with a long but critically important Seller contingency. Trust between the agents and principals was a critical component to see that we succeeded in achieving our clients’ real estate goals.

Elizabeth and I did not know each other until her clients expressed interest in my listing.   The Seller contingency was non-negotiable. This is a pretty tall task for a Buyers’ agent in Silicon Valley!  You guys can be wound tight!  She even stepped in a lent a hand dealing with the agent on the third leg who was less cooperative to put it mildly.

I feel that Elizabeth did what was necessary to reach her clients’ desired outcome and in exchange, they got a fantastic piece of real estate in impeccable condition for a fair price without having to get into a bidding war or lose out in heated competition.  It is not always about price.  It can be equally or more so about terms and people.  At the end of the day, this transaction was on-time, compliant and smooth and everyone got what they wanted – truly a definition of success.  I would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with Elizabeth again and would recommend other agents give serious consideration to cooperating with Elizabeth and her team.  I now can call her a friend.  I wish nothing but abounding love and happiness for her and her happy new home owners.

Warm regards,

Real Estate Broker
Martinez, CA


Thank you so much for the great letter. Yes, Elizabeth is special and we are very proud of her. She seems to thrive in these complicated situations. I’m glad everything worked out for everybody.

Again thanks,