… She went “above and beyond” and genuinely wanted to help us..

I appreciated Elizabeth’s knowledge of the Almaden Valley area where we were interested in buying a home. Great schools and great value was really important to us. What I mean by great value was the money we would need to spend to get the house in the area we wanted. Often times, people may have a price range and the type of house/neighborhood they would have in mind. Elizabeth helped us understand what kind of house we could get for what price range and help us close the mental gap in setting the right expectations as we viewed houses.

Besides sharing very relevant information about neighborhoods in the Almaden Valley, I most appreciated Elizabeth for talking us through the aspects of the buying experience: making an offer in a competitive seller environment, what sellers and agents will consider in the offers, how quickly we will know, and moving on to the next opportunity if it doesn’t work out. Although this was not our first home buying experience, it had been years since we had gone through it and definitely in a different market condition. So, it was extremely helpful for her to explain the process to us.

Elizabeth listened and remembered what each of us “husband” and “wife” individually and as a family unit wanted. Although we were buying a house for our family, Elizabeth understood we may place different importance/weight on some items. She did an excellent job pointing out aspects and considerations we had told her before as well as those we did not think of. This really helped us in our decision making. She reminded me that I probably would not find a house I was 100% sure of … but we had to get to 90% … and the remaining 10% would come after one really lives in the house and see it as our home. I think that is great advice for any home buyer. Elizabeth was very thorough in her answers to the conditions of the home. Where she did not know, she would find out. She also ensured we understood that in some areas, she was not the expert and was drawing from her Realtor experience.

Elizabeth takes the time to listen to what we wanted, almost absorbing more information to refine our searches as we viewed more. I think a great strength of  Elizabeth was to understand what her clients wanted, why they wanted it, how much they wanted it … all of which which she used to help guide us in the decision making process. 

We were able to get a very nice house in a good neighborhood with good schools and for the price that would not over-stress our financials. We very much appreciate Elizabeth’s help and support and it did not end with us signing on the dotted line to close on the house. She went “above and beyond” and genuinely wanted to help us do what we wanted once we moved into our house.  Her “over and beyond” service is one of the main reasons why I would recommend her as a Realtor. This indeed was excellent and genuine service! So far, we are enjoying our new home. We have already shared with our family and friends our great experience with Elizabeth as our Realtor! I also have already shared Elizabeth contact information with my friend who was looking for a house but was weary of the seller market. I am sure Elizabeth would provide the great service she provided us.

Thank you again for your great service Elizabeth. We really appreciated your “above and beyond” service. If in the future, we are in need of a Realtor whether for buying or selling house, we will be sure to contact you first!